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Meet Andrea Abercrombie

I graduated from Georgia State University in 1995 with a degree in Physical Therapy. I am a board certified orthopedic specialist and my background is in manual therapy.
That means I use my hands, not just therapeutic exercises, to treat patients. I have practiced in the sports medicine and orthopedic fields of physical therapy my entire career. I have extensive training in treating all orthopedic issues, including spine issues, post-operative care, sport-specific rehab, and overuse injuries. I also have experience in teaching continuing education courses to other therapists, and have served as a clinical lab instructor for the Physical Therapy program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for several years.

My practice is designed such that each client will be evaluated thoroughly and put on an individualized program specific for your needs. I will assess imbalances, muscle weakness, muscle tightness, fascial restrictions, and movement patterns in order to determine how best to proceed with treatment. I have practiced in many settings and I think what sets me apart from other PT clinics is that I only see one patient at a time. You will have my full attention. We will decide together what your needs are in terms of how frequently to attend and what program you need to be on in order to return to your normal function daily, in your workplace, at home, and in your recreational activities.

The only insurance that I accept is Blue Cross Blue Shield. Otherwise, I am set up as a cash-based practice and will accept cash, checks, and credit card payments.

I think I can help you get back on your feet quicker and more efficiently in less visits by being able to concentrate my efforts on one client at a time. I also feel that if you are going to pay your hard-earned money toward getting better, you should have the highest quality of care you can possibly find. Many PT clinics, unfortunately, are moving more to a model of seeing multiple patients at one time. I do not believe the therapist can do an adequate job of assessing a patient’s issues if they are treating multiple people simultaneously.

My personal experience as an athlete and as someone who experienced a serious injury, has had a major impact on how I practice as a therapist. I have been through extensive rehab and have experienced all aspects of an injury from a lengthy hospitalization, to relearning a normal gait pattern and being unable to exercise for months on end. I know what patients go through having their daily routine and their activity level drastically disrupted. I feel as though the entire experience has made me a better therapist.

I am very passionate about what I do. I want my clients to get the very best care possible. I treat each patient individually and I treat them the way I would expect someone to treat any member of my family.